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We value your ideas and feedback. The Consultation Hub is where everyone in the Metro North community (including patients, consumers, community groups and staff) can have their say about health service planning, delivery and evaluation.

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Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Keeping older people healthy and independent is our priority. What should be done to support this priority?

If three (3) things could be improved in health care for older people with complex care needs what would they be?

Carers play an important role in supporting many people who are ageing. What is working well to support carers? What could be improved for carers?

There were 70 respondents in total, noting one of these was invalid as no answers to the questions were provided. Of the respondents 70 per cent identified as an older person. More than 24 per cent of respondents stated that they look after an older family member or friend in an unpaid or informal capacity, and less than three per cent were paid carers working for an organisation.

More than 40 respondents identified a willingness to be involved in future consultation by providing their contact details.

You Said

We Did

Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Brisbane North PHN have developed a new five year healthcare plan for older people which will guide the way we deliver healthcare services to this group of people in our community. It is not the last word, but a document that will allow the vision to expand and grow.

Thank you for your support

We Asked

For your input into the revision of the Health Service Strategy 2015-2020

You Said

Health Service Strategy review and refresh – phase one consultation themes emerging

Over the past 18 months Metro North Hospital and Health Service (Metro North) has actively worked towards implementing the Health Service Strategy 2015-20. Through the commitment of all staff many priority areas identified in the Strategy have been achieved. To ensure the Strategy aligns with the Metro North Strategic Plan and continues to guide the development and delivery of health care services a review and refresh of the Health Service Strategy is underway.  

The first phase of the review included extensive key stakeholder consultation with staff, community partners and consumers.  This phase is now complete and a summary of the key themes are described below. The full consultation report is available. Please email to request a copy.  Thank you to all who participated.

Summary consultation key themes

Please note the themes described below are a summary of information heard though consultation with a broad range of stakeholders.  The information will be used to guide and inform the development of a refreshed Health Service Strategy.  The themes do not reflect MNHHS policy or position at this time.

Potential new and/or expanded priority areas:

  1. Expanding partnerships to include care of the individual ie person-centred care including role of families/carers - caring for people’s social, emotional and physical needs. Person-centred models of care rather than speciality (subspecialty) approaches to care. Patient health literacy to enable informed decision making, timely care in the right setting. Working with families and carers ensuring their health, including mental health, during the care of their loved ones, especially long term
  2. Keeping people healthy and well - public health, prevention, screening and health promotion could be strengthened in the refreshed Strategy.
  3. Preventing functional decline and long term problems for people with chronic disease or injury.
  4. Older persons care- considering three age groups individually over 65, over 75 and 85. This would include keeping people healthy and helping people to participate in healthy lifestyles eg increasing physical activity and eating better. Better managing chronic disease in community settings.  Consider care across organisations, services and settings.  Rehabilitation, end of life and palliative care included in this theme. Improve transition care, links to residential and interim care and raise awareness of services available across Metro North.
  5. Children and young people- this was a broad theme consistently discussed in consultations including:
  • Mothers health, including mental health, while pregnant (perinatal)  to enable healthy well babies
  • 0-5 health recognising improving wellness in this age group will have lifelong outcomes
  • Young people (no age definition agreed)- staying healthy and active, mental health and access to age-appropriate acute care and environment
  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse populations –missing from current Strategy

Other themes that have been raised but not consistently in consultation are:

  1. Urgent care in the community and home - alternatives to the Emergency Department.
  2. Drug and alcohol complex detox services.
  3. Information and data – consultation identified opportunity to review data collected and streamline/reduce, share information, standardise and make available to improve care (eg by clinicians on the floor-real time- (similar to the Patient Access Coordination Hub), share information across providers.
  4. NDIS pathway – consideration of consequences if system failure. If successful more people will be seeking care in own home.
  5. Social model of health - connectivity with broader community.


We Did

The next step in the engagement process involves an executive stakeholder workshop that will be held in February to consider all the feedback and to discuss the refreshed Health Service Strategy. Consumers and community stakeholders will be represented at this workshop and will contribute to the discussion. It is anticipated that a refreshed draft Strategy will be available and disseminated for comment in April 2017.

We Asked

For applications for the LINK Project funding.

You Said

We received 36 applications from Metro North staff and partners.

We Did

Reviewed applications through a rigorous process and selection panel to determine who would be provided funding.