Caboolture and Kilcoy Caring Together Consumer Network Application

Closed 30 Jun 2016

Opened 13 Jan 2016


Caring Together is our commitment to partner with you to ensure you feel heard, supported, valued and respected always.

About the Caring Together Consumer Network

Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals are committed to Caring Together - to partnering with patients, consumers, their carers and the community to ensure they feel heard, valued, supported and respected always.

The Caring Together Consumer Network is being established to further develop relationships between the hospitals and the communities they serve, by providing a space to provide meaningful feedback and allow genuine discussion.

The Caring Together Consumer Network will be made up of current or former patients and/or their carers, consumers, and health service/community members who are interested in learning about and improving the health services provided at Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals.

The Caring Together Consumer Network reports to the Caring Together Committee.

About the role

Consumer, carer or community representatives play an active role in improving Caboolture and Kilcoy hospitals now and into the future.

Representatives develop ideas, discuss issues and hold leadership roles within the organisations.

Representative’s partner with the hospitals to:

  • develop and review policies and procedures
  • design care            
  • plan services
  • develop and implement health programs
  • undertake service measurement and evaluation.

This role will be supported by on-site training and orientation relating to representative activities and the wider hospital environment and culture.

Representatives will represent a cross-section of the local community including those from culturally diverse and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and will be empowered to develop their skills and interests in improving the patient experience.

Key Accountabilities

  • Develop and provide leadership for the Caring Together Framework
  • Recommend and advocate for hospital improvement activities and initiatives
  • Provide a consumer perspective and ‘voice’ to planning, developmental and evaluation activities
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the Caring Together Implementation Plan

In addition to one or more of the following will be required:

  • Be a member of committees, working groups and/or projects that require consumer involvement and perspective
  • Raise issues and insights into consumer complaints/compliments information
  • Review and offer constructive feedback  on consumer materials and publications
  • Participate in consumer activities initiated by the clinical programs
  • Attend workshops, staff training, clinical orientation/in-service and general meetings relevant to your agreed consumer activity/initiative
  • Review and analyse Safety and Quality performance information

Requirements of the role

To be a member of Caring Together Consumer Network you must either:

  • Be a past or present patient/carer or consumer; or
  • Represent a local consumer/community group;


  • Have an interest in improving the patient experience at Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to commit sufficient time to participate fully in the work of the Committee, for example, attending meetings, reading documents and reports
  • Be committed to be a member of the Network for a period of at least 2 years


The position/s will receive first tier remuneration in line with the Consumer, Carer and Community Engagement – Reimbursement of Expenses and Payment of Engagement Fees Policy:

  • $187 for activities up to and including 4 hours duration
  • $374 for activities over 4 hours duration.

These payments are inclusive of preparation time. Travel time associated with participation will not be covered. Reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses is not included in this rate and will be offered in addition to remuneration (e.g. travel costs, parking fees etc.)


  • Partner organisations
  • Community members