Residential Transition Care - Patients and Families Survey 2

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Closes 31 Mar 2023


1. You are answering this survey as you are:
2. How long has the patient been at Residential TCP?

Your feedback is requested during the medical model trial; when the RMO was available Monday to Friday, Senior GP avaialble Monday to Friday and with allocated visiting GPs.

3. How satisfied are you with the access to the Doctor?
4. How often did you expect to see the Doctor as a patient of RTCP?
5. Was there a time when you were acutely unwell, did the Doctor come and see you?
6. This question relates to the Nursing, Allied Health and Medical Care. Do you think your care needs are met at Zillmere?

If No, please provide details.

7. What were your expectations from the program at Zillmere prior to being admitted?


8. How well have these expectations been met?
9. Please provide any other comments about your care at RTCP.