RTCP Nurse Practitioner Survey 2

Closed 31 Mar 2023

Opened 13 Mar 2023


Residential Transition Care program embarked on a trial of a new model for medical services at the facility at Zillmere.  This trial continued for 15 weeks, from 10th October 2022 t0 20th January 2023.

The medical model trial included additional staffing:

  • Senior GP, Dr Win, who was rostered fro 4 hours each day, Monday to Friday
  • Resident Medical Officer (RMO), on rotation, present at the facility for a day shift, Monday to Friday

The existing multidisciplinary team included:

  • Three visiting GPs: Dr Caffery (Tuesday); Dr Tomoni (Wednesday) and Dr Hay (Friday)
  • Nurse Practitioners, (Monday - Sunday)
  • Geriatrician attending each Thursday
  • 24-hour nursing
  • Allied Health Team and Pharmacist, Monday to Friday, for day shifts

We want to hear from you to capture your experience with the medical model trial for this period, 10th October 2022 to 20th January 2023.

Thank you for participating.


  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students
  • Consumers / patients


  • Staff survey
  • Community feedback