Delivering better care with older people - Brisbane North, Moreton Bay and Kilcoy

Closed 12 Feb 2017

Opened 18 Jan 2017

Feedback updated 15 Nov 2017

We asked

Keeping older people healthy and independent is our priority. What should be done to support this priority?

If three (3) things could be improved in health care for older people with complex care needs what would they be?

Carers play an important role in supporting many people who are ageing. What is working well to support carers? What could be improved for carers?

There were 70 respondents in total, noting one of these was invalid as no answers to the questions were provided. Of the respondents 70 per cent identified as an older person. More than 24 per cent of respondents stated that they look after an older family member or friend in an unpaid or informal capacity, and less than three per cent were paid carers working for an organisation.

More than 40 respondents identified a willingness to be involved in future consultation by providing their contact details.

You said

We did

Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Brisbane North PHN have developed a new five year healthcare plan for older people which will guide the way we deliver healthcare services to this group of people in our community. It is not the last word, but a document that will allow the vision to expand and grow.

Thank you for your support


Many people strive to live healthy, active and independent lifestyles as they grow older. Social and emotional connections with friends, family and community are important. Health care services, including home based services, general practice, pharmacies, emergency services, acute hospitals and rehabilitation, also play a critical role supporting older people live in their community.

As people grow older their health needs change and they are more likely to utilise health care services. We are seeking your help to design a health care service system in Brisbane North, Moreton Bay and Kilcoy that better meets the care needs of older people and their carers.

Working together, the Primary Health Network in North Brisbane and the Metro North Hospital and Health Service are currently developing a plan to improve health care services for older people.  We seek your views on opportunities to improve health care of older people across our region.



Why your views matter

Improving health services for older people is important. We are committed to working with older people, their carers and community partners to improve.


  • Partner organisations
  • Community members
  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students
  • Consumers / patients


  • Community feedback