Revised partnering with consumers policy - consultation draft

Closed 8 May 2022

Opened 19 Apr 2022

Results expected 16 May 2022


Metro North Health values the lived experiences of consumers and communities who access or who may need access to health services.

Standard 2 of the National Safety and Quality in Health Care Services Standards sets out minimum criteria for health services to partner with consumers.

This policy defines different roles and accountabilities for ensuring consumers and communities are partners in:

  • Planning and designing health services
  • Improving patient experiences and the quality of healthcare
  • Individual treatment and care decisions to the extent that is desired.

The roles and responsibilities outlined in this policy will guide workforce education and improvements to systems, processes and resources that support consumer partnerships.

Draft Partnering with Consumers Policy


What happens next

Your feedback will be considered prior to the policy being finalised. The policy will be published on Metro North intranet page and the consumer resource page.


  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students
  • Consumers / patients


  • Publication feedback