Metro North Health Literacy Approach

Closed 26 Nov 2018

Opened 31 Oct 2018

Feedback updated 12 Dec 2018

We asked

For feedback on the consultation draft for Metro North Health Literacy Approach.

The aim of Metro North Health Literacy Approach is to create a platform for a shared understanding of health literacy that will support proactive and coordinated actions for improvement across Metro North.

The Health Literacy Steering Committee which includes consumers, staff and community partners has overseen the development of this approach. 

You said

Two consumer workshops were held earlier in the year to inform the foundations for Metro North's approach to health literacy. A working group of consumers and staff developed Metro North Health Literacy Approach as a consultation draft.

50 people provided feedback on the consultation draft (7 consumers and 43 staff). RBWH clinical council was consulted and another workshop was held with consumers and staff to consider all of the feedback and finalise the approach. In summary you told us:

  • to focus on health and wellness and not just managing illness
  • health literacy is a shared responsibility requiring collaboration amongst staff, consumers, carers and community partners
  • we needed to clarify what we are aim to improve by tackling health literacy
  • to ensure our entire healthcare workforce is supported to contribute to health literacy
  • commit to continuous improvement, evaluation and research.

We did

We revised the Metro North Health Literacy Approach.

It was approved by Metro North Operational Leadership Team in December. A health literacy webpage will be launched in the new year and we will take action to address the priorities in the approach.


Our hospital and health service is committed to building community health literacy to enable people to access and navigate health services and make well informed decisions and take action to manage their health and wellbeing.  Currently only about 40% of Australian adults have an adequate level of health literacy (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care).

There are many ways we could tackle this issue. Hence, we have developed a “Metro North Health Literacy Approach” to target certain priorities that we can work on collectively for a more coordinated approach.

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on our proposed Approach in the link below.

Metro North Health Literacy Approach - consultation draft

What happens next

Thank you for your feedback. The Metro North Health Literacy Approach will be endorsed by the Health Literacy Project Steering Committee in early December and published on Metro North's website early in 2019.


  • Partner organisations
  • Community members
  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students
  • Consumers / patients


  • Staff survey
  • Community feedback
  • Consumer feedback