Adis 24/7 Alcohol and Drug Support Anonymous Feedback Survey

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Closes 14 Jul 2022


1. Which Adis services were you provided?
2. Have you accessed Adis services in the past?
3. Did your recent interaction with the Adis counsellor:
4. If applicable, was Adis culturally sensitive to your needs?
5. How would you rate the quality of the Adis services you have received?
6. Did you get the kind of service you wanted?
7. To what extent has Adis met your needs?
8. If a friend were in need of similar help‚ would you recommend Adis to him or her?
9. How satisfied are you with the amount of help you have received?
10. Have the services you received helped you to deal more effectively with problems/difficulties?
11. In an overall general sense‚ how satisfied are you with the services you have received?
12. If you were to seek help again‚ would you come back to Adis?
13. Do you have any final comments or feedback?
14. At Adis we value your feedback and would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about your experience with our service. If you consent to further contact from Adis please provide your contact phone number or email below.