Metro North Mental Health Discretionary Locking Trial

Closes 28 Feb 2023

Opened 2 Dec 2022


Discretionary Locking 

Discretionary Locking is being trialled at two Metro North Mental Health sites - Metro North Mental Health - the Prince Charles Hospital (MNMH-TPCH) West Wing, and MNMH-Redcliffe-Caboolture (MNMH-RedCab) Mental Health Short Stay Unit (MHSSU).

The purpose of this survey is to understand staff perspectives on Discretionary Locking (DL) . This will take about 10 minutes. 

The information you provide will help shape the roll-out, identifying what is needed to prepare ahead of the start date, and ensure the success and effectivness of DL.  It will also help evaluate DL and understand perceptions about DL now, and post-implementation.  Other on-site and in-person consultations and engagement activites are also being implemented.

Why your views matter

The results of this survey will be reported to the joint DL committee in aggregated format to inform the training requirements, procedure and processes, and approach at each site. It will also provide some of the baseline data to support evaluation of the DL initiative and to inform, statewide, the potential adoption of DL.  A summary of the survey results will be made available. 

Give us your views


  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students


  • Staff survey