Metro North Mental Health Discretionary Locking Trial

Closes 28 Feb 2023

Discretionary Locking


Discretionary Locking is being trialled at two sites (TPCH West Wing and MH Short Stay Unit at Caboolture) as well as two other sites in Queensland. 

Prior to December 2013, the locking of inpatient mental health wards was not mandatory but was determined locally, and as needed.  

The purpose of this first section is to understand your distinct role and service area and your experience of DL before seeking your perspective on DL.

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Note, that for the purposes of this survey, we are specifically interested in the perspectives of those who work within the mental health service system, in either clinical or non-clincal roles. 


1. What is your facility/ service area?
2. What is your role?
3. Have you worked in an unlocked mental health ward in the past or in other locations?