2016 LINK Application

Closed 3 Jun 2016

Opened 2 May 2016

Feedback Updated 20 Feb 2019

We Asked

For applications for the LINK Project funding.

You Said

We received 36 applications from Metro North staff and partners.

We Did

Reviewed applications through a rigorous process and selection panel to determine who would be provided funding.


Leading Innovation through Networking and Knowledge-sharing (LINK) innovation funding is available for partnerships between MNHHS and any external partners who wish to work with MNHHS to enhance the efficiency of the health care that we deliver.

The total funding allocation is $1 million and applications are assessed against a range of criteria including innovation, partnership, and alignment with MNHHS priority areas.

In order to apply for LINK funding, there must be a collaboration between an internal MNHHS partner and at least one partner external to MNHHS.

Applications are submitted online.

If you wish to print as you progress through the application, this is possible, but the survey tool only allows you to print the page you are on. If you copy and paste your answers to 'Word' this will allow you can review the content, do a word count and print.

If you wish to make changes to previous pages of your application or you don't want to complete it in one sitting, then save to access later by selecting Want to continue responding later? Save your response for later.

Once submitted you cannot make changes, but an email will be sent to you to allow you to print the whole document for your records.

A fully completed application is available for your reference: 2016 LINK Application Example (if you are asked to login, simply select cancel).

Please also refer to Further Information for Applicants. (if you are asked to login, simply select cancel).

PLEASE NOTE that if you are only applying for a small amount of funding then your answers to questions will reflect this. All questions should be answered but the complexity of the project will be reflected in the length and detail of the answers. If yours is a small, inexpensive, uncomplicated project then you may only need a few sentences of text or a few examples. If it is a larger, more complex and expensive project then you will require more detail.

If at anytime you require explanation or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more details contact the Program Manager LINK/SEED at InnovationLinkandSEED@health.qld.gov.au

or visit the Website

What Happens Next

Please visit the website https://www.health.qld.gov.au/metronorth/innovation/link/default.asp to view details on the process for reviewing, selecting and funding applications.


  • Partner organisations
  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students


  • Staff survey
  • Community feedback