Metro North ToP Services

Closed 23 Jun 2021

Opened 14 Jun 2021

Feedback updated 24 Jun 2021

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How we did

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Overwhelming support for the continuation of the Nurse Navigator ToP position

We did

Continue to await a funding outcome - watch this space

Results updated 24 Jun 2021

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Nurse Navigator ToP position across Metro North. Your feedback has been collated and will be used to form part of the project closure report.

A business case for recurrent funding of the position has been submitted and we continue to await the outcome. 


To assess staff perspective on the Nurse Navigator Model of Care for ToP

Why your views matter

Feedback for closure of ToP project

What happens next

The information you have provided will be included within the closure report for the Metro north ToP project


  • Metro North HHS Staff - including contractors and students


  • Staff survey