MN32 Survey

Closed 9 Aug 2020

Opened 24 Jul 2020


MN32 is the fifteen year horizon document for Metro North. It sets out our aspirations through to 2032 in four key focus areas:

  • Clinical models
  • Research, innovation and knowledge translation
  • Workforce
  • Infrastructure.

The document is 3 years old and we are currently undertaking a review and refresh of it. To date we have undertaken horizon scanning, an online survey of a small group and focus groups for the above areas to identify additional initiatives and review the current proposed one. We are now undertaking broader consultation across the HHS and want your ideas on any additional significant aspirations for Metro North. This survey will be open until Friday 3 August, aligning with the Directorate consultation sessions. Following completion of those sessions an the survey the document will be further refined, the Executive and Board will be consulted with before the final version being submitted to the board for endorsement in September. We thank you for your input.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Staff survey
  • Community feedback
  • Consumer feedback