Oral Health Services - Consumer Representative Application Form

Closed 30 Mar 2018

Opened 12 Mar 2018


The Metro North Oral Health Services (MNOHS) is comprised of a Directorate and three clinical Divisions:

  • Oral Health Centre and Adult Specialist Services.
  • Children's Oral Health Service; Child Specialist Services and Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services.
  • General Practice Community Oral Health Services.

Context: This is a position for a consumer representative to participate in strategic planning in relation to the Safety and Quality priorities, including Infection Control.

As a consumer Representative, you would need to:

•  Contribute to the development and review of Safety and Quality and Infection Control priorities as a key stakeholder

•  Provide consumer input, information, feedback and direct advice to inform management about consumer priorities around Safety and Quality and Infection Control.

•  Be prepared to read and review documents in preparation for meetings and possibly comment via email on documents between meetings.

For more information, please contact Jan Anderson on 3647 9594 or email



  • Partner organisations
  • Community members
  • Consumers / patients


  • Community feedback
  • Consumer feedback