Oral Health Patient CaRE Survey

Closed 27 Nov 2016

Opened 21 Oct 2016

Feedback updated 28 Nov 2018

We asked

In 2016, we commenced the  "Connection and Respectful Experience" (CaRe) survey in Metro North Oral Health Services to understand our consumer experience and to improve our services.  The CaRE survey asked you how we are going in following key areas:

  • connection to reflect the importance of taking time to establish  trust and relationships
    respect  to ensure that you experience respect in the way you are treated and in all communication with you
  • empathy  to ensure that compassionate care was provided to you
    information to see if you received all the information you needed, in a way that you understood, and was helpful and timely
  • continuity and consistency to ensure that all healthcare professionals involved in your care were consistent and worked as a team to support you
  • involvement as a way of understanding if you felt you were involved in the decisions about your care as much as you wanted to be. We also asked if you wanted your family to be involved and how well we did that. 

You said

Overall, we found that you had a positive experience and we received above 90% score in all areas except one area (involvment of family and friends); however, there were some consistent issues and area that you said we could improve. 

  • Communication, continuity and consistency, understanding what was happening, access and availability of services were key issues identified. 
  • A detailed report of what consumers told us is attached.

We did

We understand that Metro North Oral Health consumers are grateful for the services that we provide and we are committed to improving, year on year, the overall score we receive in all of the areas of the CaRE survey.

In response to the 2016 CaRe survey, we developed a plan of action. Some of these actions have been completed; some are in progress and others are longer-term system changes.  

  1. We have introduces a montlhy orthodontic screening service in Redcliffe/Caboolture.
  2. We have updated referral guidelines to specialist services and have published a referral form on-line to improve the transition between services
  3. Staff training is now being rolled out to improve our staff's communication skills and style, ability to involve patients in decision and to improve the effectiveness of communication between staff
  4. Electronic records and digital imaging will be introduced in December 2018 and records will be available to all so that we can improve the sharing and management of information across the system. This will improve the contunuity and coordination of services for patients.

We have just completed our 2017 survey and will report back on where we achieved our goals.


We value your feedback on your most recent experience at our Oral Health Services.

We want to know if you experienced kind and respectful care.

This survey will take no longer than five minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous.


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