Pressure Injury Prevention

Closed 16 Dec 2015

Opened 26 Oct 2015

Feedback Updated 29 Feb 2016

We Asked

Whether you felt  that staff involved you in preventing and managing pressure injuries

You Said

Not many staff provided you with brochures. Some staff provided you with good information, however other staff didn't listen to your concerns.

We Did

A report with the results has been written and will be circulated. We will encourage staff to provide you with written information, and provide staff with education regarding consumer engagment strategies.


The purpose of this survey is twofold firstly to identify whether patients, families and carers are included and involved in helping to prevent and manage pressure injuries (bedsores) and secondly  to identify how we can improve partnering with patients to minimse the risk of pressure injury development.

What Happens Next

The findings of this survey will inform future strategies to reduce the incidence of pressure injury within the RBWH


  • Community members


  • Audit