Lighthouse Hospital Project TPCH Patient Survey

Closed 12 Jan 2018

Opened 8 Dec 2017


The Lighthouse Hospital Project

The Lighthouse Hospital Project is a joint initiative of the Heart Foundation and the Australian Hospitals and Healthcare Association (AHHA), who have a shared commitment to closing the gap in cardiovascular disease which is a major contributor to the gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and other Australians.

The Prince Charles Hospital, Heart & Lung Program, is participating in Phase 3 of the Project which is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health from 1 January 2017 until 30 December 2019.


Phase 3 of the project aims to reduce the incidence and impact of discharge against medical advice (DAMA) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with acute coronary syndrome/other cardiac conditions. This will be achieved in three ways:

• Provide care that is culturally safe and appropriate, responsive and accessible and evidenced based and clinically appropriate;

• Improve the experience of care and patient journey for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients; and by

• Enhancing the relationships and co-ordination of care between the hospitals, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCHO), Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), Primary Healthcare Networks (PHN) and other healthcare providers.


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